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Clear Mind in a Complex World (Free Course)

From Overwhelmed to Clear (without meditation *)

In 2005 I sat down with one simple question: "What's on my mind?"

Thirty minutes later I had a piece of paper with 200+ items on it.

No wonder:

Thank goodness for David Allen. He has a neat procedure for clearing an overflowing email inbox. And I found out it works just as well for an overflowing mind. As a result I felt the magic of a clear mind for the first time in years.

It's hard to explain the difference, but I can tell you that

I've continued to use a modified version of David Allen's procedure over the years. I call the procedure the "Clear Mind Procedure". And I've basically run with a clear mind all day every day ever since, with

I want to teach you the Clear Mind Procedure.

If you are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of things running through your mind on a day to day basis, this "Clear Mind Course" will put an end to dozens of unproductive thoughts, leaving your mind clear and ready to do other things.

Unlike meditation and breathing exercises (which are great to do AFTER clearing your mind), this course will get to the root of the problem and have you running clear for weeks.

The course is free and consists of 5 daily lessons with short homework assignments.

Start Clearing Your Mind Today

Just answer a couple questions that tell us where you're at now (we'll compare those to where you're at after the course), and get started today.

Clear Mind in a Complex World

Two Questions and a Commitment:

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* Note: I have nothing against meditation. In fact, I recommend it. But it's even better if you meditate AFTER using the clear mind procedure.