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A Tale of Two Humans

I just published a video on the Evolving Ego YouTube channel.

This is the first part of a series. According to my current outline, there will be 15 videos in the series, but that’s liable to change along the way.

The series is an expanded version of my post from way back in 2012: “Stop Setting Goals that Don’t Make You Happy”.  This was a post that many people told me helped them “see the matrix”.

This first video sets the stage by presenting two very different caricatures of how life might go for a human being:

The Singularity and the Savanna (part 1)

The Diagram

This diagram is my cheat sheet and will guide much of my future writing. It should perhaps be labeled “Map of Self-Conscious Human Motivation”, suggesting there’s a whole other diagram for “other conscious” motivation. But this will do for now.


I’ll provide some exposition over time. I present the gist in: “4 Portraits That Make Us Self-Conscious“.