The Diagram

This diagram is my cheat sheet and will guide much of my future writing. It should perhaps be labeled “Map of Self-Conscious Human Motivation”, suggesting there’s a whole other diagram for “other conscious” motivation. But this will do for now.


I’ll provide some exposition over time. I present the gist in: “4 Portraits That Make Us Self-Conscious“.

  • Sundeep

    Hello Jim

    This is Sundeep, I recently read your answer on quora and liked it, the idea of “Clear Mind in a Complex World” is great!

    I clicked on the “Clear Mind in a Complex World (Free Course)” link, I filled the details but the site got routed to “” which cannot be reached.

    I couldn’t message you on quora, hence the comment here!

    Could you please check the dead link and re-active it.!


  • Hi Sundeep. Thank you for your interest in the course! Can you try it again and let me know if there’s still a problem. It might be that Aweber was just down temporarily. I don’t think the form is broken, because there has been a steady stream of sign-ups up to and including today.